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Risk Management, Organisational Resilience, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management

BCDR Consultants are a Hong Kong based consultancy firm, offering a wide range of Risk, Operational Resilience and Business Continuity consulting and advisory services for industries across Asia. We’ve got the necessary tools and expertise to help you put the required risk management and response programmes in place to help your business manage risks, crises and recover from business impacting incidents whether it be cyber security incidents, technology outages, physical security events, natural disasters or infectious diseases and pandemics.

We partner with our clients to assess and develop their risk and resilience programmes and develop high quality, risk management, recovery and response solutions to ensure the company is safeguarded against potential risks or incidents.

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BCDR Consultants was established in 2016 with a single mission: to help organisations develop their risk, operational resilience and business continuity programmes to ensure they can weather the impacts from risks such as: cyber attacks, major technology outages, loss of data, natural disasters and severe weather incidents, building impacts (e.g. fires, floods), physical security impacts (e.g. terrorist, demonstrations) and impacts to outsourced services due to third party supplier outages. We are also experts in advising companies on preparing for and responding to infectious disease outbreaks and pandemics. 

We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customised, strategies. Let us help you protect your company. Are you ready to safeguard your firm by ensuring risks are identified, impacts are assessed and controls and innovative solutions are put in place? Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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Find Out More About Our Consulting Services

Our years of experience in risk, resilience, business continuity and crisis management enable our services to meet the needs of organisations of all shapes and sizes, from small firms to large corporates and multinationals.

BCDR Consultants services can help firms develop an industry leading strategic approach to risk, resilience and business continuity and crisis management.

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Assess Your Capability

Do you know if your risk and resilience programme meets requirements and safeguards your operations and therefore your bottom line? Do you know what your requirements are? We can help your organisation understand where your programme is enabling you to understand where gaps are and identify solutions to help the programme mature and ensure overall operational resilience of your organisation.

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Protect Your Business

BCDR Consultants can help you address programme development through Advising.

We examine what organisations are doing to stay relevant and which ones are doing it best. ​We analyse corresponding regulations, best practices, and international standards (e.g. ISO 31000 / 22301 / 22316). We strategise to understand the implications of every choice and organisational decision to ensure your organisation manages its risk and is protected in an appropriate and cost effective manner.

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Develop Your Programme

Looking to develop your risk management or business continuity and resilience programme but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next risk assessment, impact analysis, or business continuity and resilience project? Let us guide you with Consulting services. Building robust and resilient programmes for the future in today’s rapidly evolving business environment means making insightful decisions to help companies develop cost effective and scalable solutions.

Does your company need our help? Contact us today.



After a thriving career in investment banking and asset management businesses such as Morgan Stanley, Gartmore Fund Managers Merrill Lynch and ABN Amro, Tony established BCDR Consultants.

Since establishing BCDRC in Hong Kong he has worked with Cathay Pacific Group (Airline) and Bupa International (Health Services and Insurance) to develop and mature their risk and resilience programmes.

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